2018-2019 Regatta Schedule

10/6/19Oyster Reef Regatta Lakewood Park, NorfolkClick for directions and other info
10/12/19Head of the James Regatta Robious Landing Park, MidlothianClick for directions and other info
10/20/19Head of the Lafayette Regatta Lakewood Park, NorfolkClick for directions and other info
10/26/19Richmond ChaseClick for directions and other info

Regatta Tidbits


  • Chairs:  Quad chairs work best.
  • Binoculars:  the best way to see your rower in action
  • Blanket: in cooler weather, they are great to have with you…especially in the early morning.
  • Go Green:  Bring your own refillable water bottle/thermos.


  • Dress: All family members should dress for the weather.  It can sometimes be chilly and windy on the water, especially in the morning.  Once again, layers work best.  Blankets are sometimes brought.  Be prepared for unexpected rain.
  • Shoes: Many sites are wet or muddy and therefore rubber boots are commonly used.
  • Extra: bring an extra pair of socks, shirts, & shorts for your rower in case they get wet.


  • Lunch: lunch and other morning snacks will be provided/coordinated for the rower and his/her family by the food committee.
  • Drink: make sure your rower drinks lots of liquids the day of the regatta to avoid dehydration.
  • Carbs: make sure your rower focuses on eating carbohydrates the night before and the day of the regatta (pasta parties will be scheduled). Make sure they do not eat anything too difficult to digest.
  • Pasta Parties:  Sign up if you are willing to host one at your house.  Rowers and Coxswains bring food and drinks.  You provide the house. These are held the night before a regatta.


  • Regatta Day Schedules A coach will send an e-mail to the parents and rowers to inform you of the time the rower needs to be at the regatta, meeting times for coxswains, race times, and who will be rowing in each race (usually 0700-0730).
  • Communicate: Please let a coach know if your son/daughter can not participate in a regatta.  Coaches will need to know this information as far in advance as possible prior to the regatta, so they can plan accordingly. The proposed regatta schedule is posted in multiple places.