GPS address: 1070 William Wharf Road, Matthews, VA 23109
Drivetime: 2-2 1/2 hours
Parking fee:  $5.00 (includes shuttle)

  1. Take 64 to Route 17 (J. Clyde Morris Blvd) exit.
  2. Follow Route 17 North through Gloucester County.
  3. (You will go over the Coleman Bridge which has a $2 toll North-bound only.)
  4. Turn right on Route 17 Business after you pass Wal-Mart.
  5. Turn right onto Route 14 at the first stop light.
  6. Follow Route 14 until you reach a stop sign (about 12 miles).
  7. Turn right onto Route 14/Route 198.
  8. Stop at the first stop sign.
  9. Turn right again (Hardee’s on the corner).
  10. Drive about 2 miles and turn right on Route 614.
  11. Follow to the end of Williams Wharf.
  12. Parking is in an open field (often muddy) and a fee ($5) is charged.
  13. A shuttle bus runs the rowers and parents in to the regatta area.

Other Helpful hints:

  1. Driving time is approximately 2-2.5 hours. Scheduled departure time for rowers is 4:30 AM. Parking is approximately one half mile offsite, but a shuttle is provided. Large bulky items (such as large coolers) are allowed, but can be inconvenient due to limited space on buses.
  2. Parking is in a field .5 miles from the wharf. There are shuttle buses that will take you down or you can walk. Parking is $5 per car and that money goes to offset the cost of the regatta. Please pay it willingly and graciously.
  3. The road to the parking lot is paved, the actual parking lot is not.
  4. Bathroom facilities are the temporary kind and can be (ahem) short of supplies. Better to bring your own.
  5. No seating is available – bring chairs. Viewing rails along the wharf are excellent locations for taking pictures.
  6. The regatta site is a little chunk of land that sticks out in the middle of the river. The temperature can go from 40 to 80 in a matter of minutes. Because of the location, weather can be unpredictable – and colder than one might expect.  Blankets and layered clothing are advised.  Come prepared! Bring layers and rain wear. Don’t judge the weather on what it is in Chesapeake.
  7. There is a really long, narrow pier that you can walk out on to watch the races. It’s the closest view you will ever have of your kid racing.
  8. The food is awesome! Breakfast and lunch and they are famous for their crab cake sandwiches. Come hungry and eat a lot. All the profit goes towards maintaining the wharf.
  9. If it has rained at all in the last week, the field will be MUDDY! Wear sturdy shoes that can get wet or muddy. I recommend hiking boots. No one should ever wear sandals or flip flops to Matthews and that goes for siblings too.
  10. Bathrooms are port-a-potties! Yipee! While they do a decent job of trying to keep them stocked with paper and hand sanitizer, they don’t always succeed. Come prepared.
  11. Mathews usually has cool tee shirts. You order them, they make them right thereand you pick them up.
  12. It’s a solid two hour drive. The address is 1070 William Wharf Road, Matthews, VA 23109
  13. Don’t even THINK ABOUT trying to drive down to the wharf to drop stuff or sneak a parking place. The site is small and it gets VERY crowded with trailers and rowers and spectators. The road is narrow and with the buses going down turning around is a challenge. If you can’t get it on the bus with you I recommend you leave it home.