Code of Conduct

I understand that my participation in the First Colonial Crew Club is a privilege and not a right.  I recognize that as a member of the club I have a visible presence at school and in the wider community.  As such I have a significant responsibility to behave as a respectful member of the club and the student body.  I realize the actions of one student-athlete may result in a generalization applied to all members of the club and First Colonial High School. Consequently, my actions may reflect upon and impact the whole club and school.  Accordingly, I will exercise good judgment and conduct myself with honesty, integrity, and respect for others at all times.

I further agree to conduct myself in accordance with the rules of the Virginia Beach School Board and the rules of the Club.  Specifically I agree to the following:

  1. I will not behave in any way which is detrimental to the good of myself, the Club or First Colonial High School. I will conduct myself in a manner which reflects favorably upon the Club, abiding by all laws, school policies and team rules.
  2. I will demonstrate and exercise good sportsmanship at all times.
  3. I will strive to do my best in my academic progress and achievement recognizing the Virginia High School league grade point average requirements.
  4. I will abide by the Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco policy of the Club as outlined in the Club Handbook, recognizing that the use, possession or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and/or paraphernalia are prohibited while involved in any team related practices, competitions, parties, trips and all other such activities, no matter what age.
  5. While traveling for competitions or practices I will be a good ambassador and portray a positive image of the Club and First Colonial High School.
  6. I will not write, post or forward any offensive or vulgar notes, texts, photographs or other content on the internet or otherwise, which reflects negatively on me, my teammates, my coaches, the Club or First Colonial High School.
  7. I will not engage in any hazing, bullying or violent actions towards others and I will not tolerate such actions by others.
  8. I will not use any obscene gestures or profane or unduly provocative language or action towards my teammates, coaches, officials, spectators or any other individuals.
  9. I will not possess, use, or distribute any object that is or could be considered a weapon while involved in any team related practices, competitions, parties, travel while at out of town events or any other such activities.
  10. I recognize that any violations of the Club rules will be subject to the disciplinary procedures set forth in the First Colonial Crew Club Handbook.